The Buscemi sneakers
4 May

The Buscemi sneakers


$18.5 Billion - that’s about the revenue, that was generated last year by the U.S. Athletic Footwear Industry through sales & resale. At the forefront of this huge industry are (no cookies for guessing) huge brands like Nike as well as Adidas and Converse. But there’s a contender that made a sweet spot for itself in this niche back in 2016: Buscemi. Advocated & sported by stars likes 2 Chains, Justin Bieber & P. Diddy, Buscemi sells sneakers of the luxury variety. But are they really worth the money?

Let’s find out!
Aesthetics and Quality: There’s one thing that most of you would say when you look at a Buscemi sneaker
Damn, that looks good! Designed & manufactured by hand in Italy, each sneaker oozes unmistakable quality & beauty.

The basic design elements include 18-carat gold on the straps, impeccable leather laces, and hand-painted and glazed edges. The leather construction is pretty reassuring and sturdy and is sure to survive an average day in the streets. And if all this was not enough, the owner of the brand, Jon Buscemi, says that a Buscemi sneakers customer can get their shoes resoled for free
beat that!


Comfort: A pair of sneakers (in fact, all garments) don’t just have to look good they also need to make friends with the feet. And the Buscemis have got this right as well. The padding in the sole area is pretty on-point and provides the adequate level of comfort that one looks for in urban shoes.

The shoes are adequately airy and do well throughout a wearing session. Needless to say, they are the right kicks for commuting & daily use.


Collection: The Buscemi sneakers have a collection that serves men, women & children. They come in a variety of colors& designs, all with the signature features.

They have most of the staple offerings that make up the entire sneaker family high, mid & low tops. One look through the catalog and you know there’s something for almost everyone.


Style-statement: One of the highlights of wearing a Buscemi pair is the style-statement they carry. Like we’ve told you above, it’s been sported by stars & people of influence.

Their looks make them likable (if you are someone who likes a sophisticated looking shoe) and worthy of flaunting around, and they go well with most informal attire.

Price: Now this is where it gets more interesting since the price-tags on these shoes aren’t exactly pocket-friendly. Buscemi sneakers represent the luxury sneaker niche, and their price-tags reflect that.

The range starts at around $450 and goes upward of $1000, making these kicks a bit beyond the average John’s taste & spending capability. These kicks represent a buyer profile that likes to spend on urban shoes that fit well and look even better.

Shoes are an important commodity in our daily lives. While some people look out only for functionality in their shoes, others like to keep them flashy. Buscemis represent that middle ground where functionality meets aesthetics. Sported as urban and street wear, Buscemi sneakers would play out as great sneakers.

However, the bling comes at a heavy price tag. Therefore, these kicks can conveniently be referred to as expensive & purpose-built. The purpose is to look good and to be feet-friendly. And if you happen to have the taste and the money these sneakers are bound to leave you happy.